About Hansen Media

Brad Hansen (Dr. H.) shares his pedagogy, research, and compositions on this site. 
He is honored to be Professor Emeritus in the School of Music and Theater at Portland State University.

These days he …

Performs and records on piano and various keyboards;
Composes and arranges instrumental and vocal music;
Develops Curriculum for this site and maintains it.

In earlier years he …

Played jazz piano most nights professionally;
Produced interactive media for Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, and HP;
Pioneered MPEG compression, and created files later dubbed “mp3”;
Authored four editions of the Dictionary of Digital Media;
Studied at Berklee in Boston, Cincinnati College/Conservatory of Music (CCM), University of Northern Colorado, University of Oregon, and Grinnell;
Taught at Portland State, Ole Miss, Humboldt State (CA), and Ball State (IN)

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