All Courses

These interactive courses can be used as stand-alone curriculum or to compliment existing classes. They are designed to be completed in a single semester or quarter.  Alternatively, individual lessons can be treated as modules in any course.


Learn to score effectively for instruments, study orchestral literature, and create transcriptions


Learn the fundamentals of music by studying recent popular repertoire as well as the classics

choral arranging

Learn to arrange for choirs, the conventions of vocal notation, and scoring techniques

formal analysis

Identify harmonic and structural elements, and create graphs illustrating musical form

Diatonic Harmony

Learn to analyze harmonic functions, part writing, basic forms, Blues, and non-harmonic tones

Jazz studies

Learn about Jazz and Blues harmony, arranging, improvisation, and explore a Lead Sheet Library


Study and write polyphony in modal, tonal, and modern styles from the 16th – 21st centuries

Chromatic Harmony

Learn about secondary functions, mode mixture, modulation, altered chords, and extensions


Trace the development of the Minimalist aesthetic in music through listening and reflection

See Student Learning Materials for all courses.  


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