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Last Updated:  02/22/2022

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Original compositions and arrangements on this site are the property of Brad Hansen, and are not in the public domain.  

Some of the scores and recordings in this catalog are complete, and are available to download free of charge.  Other works are represented here by partial scores and recordings, which are available by contacting Hansen Media.

Original scores on this site have a copyright notice at the bottom of the first page.  You are authorized to download one copy for your personal use.  You may not make additional copies or digitally distribute the music to others.  This applies to sound files as well, for which there is no score.  You may, however, send a link inviting others to download music for themselves.

Arrangements of non-original works are subject to various copyrights.  If you hold a copyright to an arrangement published on this site for which rights are misidentified, please notify us at info@hansenmedia.net.

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