1. (n.) A single video image that belongs to a stream of moving pictures. In an interlaced system, such as NTSC, it consists of two interlaced fields. A video frame in NTSC consists of 525 lines, whereas a frame in SECAM or PAL consists of 625 lines. In multimedia applications, a frame may refer to a still image on the screen that is not part of a video stream.
2. (n.) In telecommunications, a transmission block or encapsulated packet in the data link layer.
3. (n.) A feature of web browsers that displays different parts of a web page in the same window. An example is a list of terms in a frame on one side of the active window and a graphic image or a paragraph defining the term on the other side of the window in a frame. 4. (v.) To compose a video s+F1751hot with desired content, angle, and field of view.

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