(n.) A system of abbreviated communication, consistently used during “talk” sessions and in chat rooms. Examples:

  • ///  laughter
  • AFK  Away from keyboard
  • BCNU  Be seein’ you
  • BRB  Be right back
  • BTW  By the way
  • CUL8R  See you later
  • ENQ?  Are you there?
  • FOAF  Friend of a friend
  • FYI  For your information
  • IMHO  In my humble opinion
  • LTNS Long time, no see
  • OIC  Oh, I see
  • OTOH  On the other hand
  • ROTFL  Rolling on the floor laughing
  • RTFM  Read the f****** manual
  • SEC  Wait a second
  • TIA  Thanks in advance
  • TMK  To my knowledge
  • TNX  Thanks
  • TTFN  Ta ta for now
  • WRT  With respect to
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