YouTube Testing

Link to PDF that has an embedded PLAY button to a file stored on


sound Test 1  Changed Multimedia settings    NO

Sound Test 2   Changed Pref > Trust Mgr settings (access to internet)  NO

Sound Test 3 – FULL URL of Victimae on site

Following was created by  using the YouTube Plugin.  Does not provide customization but I guess you could always add the HtML.  Note that it embed the image, and when  it PLAYS it goes directly to the YouTube video,  not to the YouTube website first, with ads.  This is the code:  


YouTube player

This is how the same link appears if you just grab the YouTube embed code.   Got this from the Counterpoint Examples page, which doesn’t behave this way.   go figure.


This is the same YouTube but linked to WORDS on this page, and trying some parameters.   

Go To Youtube

Try this one


This is a test of embedding using parameters.   Parameters don’t seem to work from LINK.

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