These projects should be scored for six to eight available instruments and performed in class.

  • Write the name of each instrument you use to the left of its staff on the score, and transpose it to the correct written key.
  • Maintain the order found in an orchestral score, regardless of the combination: woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings from top to bottom.
  • Extract a part for each instrument to play, and conduct your arrangement.
  • Do not use a keyboard instrument in these projects without your instructor’s consent.

These PDFs are basically transcriptions from piano literature. Determine the best way to preserve the original musical content, not deviating radically from the original and keeping it in the same key if that is possible with the instruments available. After conducting your work, decide if the dynamics, articulations, and bowings you indicate achieve the desired results.

Music for Transcription.
These can be used for scoring projects also.