• Learn the basic rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic materials of music
  • Learn about scales, key signatures, intervals, triads, and how to write them
  • Learn to analyze diatonic harmonies with lead sheet symbols
  • Learn to aurally identify intervals and to sing and write simple melodies


  • Syllabus (Dependent on Course Section)
  • Required text:  Snodgrass, Jennifer.  Contemporary Musicianship, 2nd Edition, Oxford University Press, New York, NY.  2021.  ISBN: 978-0-19-092459-1


  • Pre-requisites: No prior music training is required.
  • Co-requisites: Studying piano, guitar, and/or voice is recommended
  • Background: A love for music and a work ethic helps

For the Student

Manuscript Paper

Keyboard Diagram

Pyramid of Perfect 5ths

Name that Interval

Scale and Arpeggio Fingerings

Conducting Patterns

Lead Sheet Symbols

For the Instructor

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